Multi-Disciplinary Innovation in a Pandemic

First webinar of the COST Action CA18236 “SHIINE – Multi-disciplinary Innovation for Social Change” took place online on the 5th of June in association with Burgas Free University and kicked off the collaborative research for the years to come.

I took part in the first webinar organised by the COST Action SHIINE and titled “Multi-Disciplinary Innovation in a Pandemic”. We discussed Higher Education Institutions’ innovation role during the COVID19 crisis. The webinar covered topics such as social  innovations, new teaching practices, knowledge exchange in the social economy and COVID crisis contexts.

SHIINE initiative regards to topics of an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world, traditional disciplinary approaches to the framing and resolution of social and economic problems deliver ever diminishing returns. Discussions abound, therefore, about how best to educate and prepare graduates for the fresh challenges of the 21st century.

The aim of this Action is to demonstrate, through the adoption of Multi-Disciplinary Innovation methods, how we can respond to social problems with a design-led approach which has a problem-oriented ethos, supporting positive social change and the development of international public policy discourse.

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