My research interests lie at the junction of the two macro areas of Science, Society & Technology studies and Space, Society & the Environment.  My works can be mainly ascribed to the Critical Geography and Urban Studies domains, but I  firmly believe in the power of transdisciplinary research as the only able to produce powerful social technology tools.

I’m interested in innovative modes of geographical production, planning and governance performed by heterogeneous, multilayered and multiscalar networks. Notably, I wonder how these networks assemble and negotiate socio-environmental issues, and how the material and semiotic implications of their agency is brought to the public fore.

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Research approach and methods for qualitative social research include: Social Construction of Technology (SCOT); Sociotechnical Imaginary and Discourse Analysis; Participatory (Action) research; Actor-Network Theory/ Material Semiotic; Scenario Building; and Social Network analysis.

Against this broad framework, I particularly proposed the following original approaches or theories:

1. Critical Digital (Participation and Innovation for) Urban Governance

2. Urban Political Gardening

3. Postenvironmentalism

4. Informal Planning

5. Environmental Human Rights and Environmental Conflicts

6.  Politics of space and place

7. Post-rural development

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