Edited or authored books

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van der Heijden, H. Bulkeley, and C. Certomà (eds.) (2019) Urban Climate Politics. Agency and Empowerment, Cambridge University Press (246 pp)

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C. Tornaghi and Certomà (2018) Urban Gardening as Politics, Routledge, London (220 pp)

reviewed on Antipode

reviewed on International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

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C. Certomà, M. Dyer, F. Rizzi and L.Pocatilu (2017) (eds.) Citizen Empowerment and Innovation in the Data-Rich City, Springer, New York  (208pp)

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C. Certomà (2016) Postenvironmentalism. A material-semiotic perspective on living spaces, Palgrave McMillan, New York (247 pp)

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C. Certomà (2014) Chianti Experiences. Turning a post-local place into a listening territory, ETS, Pisa (82)

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C. Certomà, N. Clewer and D. Elsey (2012) (eds.) The Politics of Space and Place: Exclusions, Resistance and Alternatives, Cambridge Scholarly Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne (277 pp)

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C. Certomà (2012) Laura Conti. Alle radici dell’ecologia, Edizioni e Ambiente, Milano (86 pp)

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