Call for abstracts “Territorialising the High Sea” at the 2023 IGU Thematic conference

We will be happy to receive your abstracts for our session titled "Territorialising the High Sea” ( Together with participants’ contributes the session will host a kick-off tale of the territorialization process of the High Sea video documented by the sailor and independent video-maker Federico Fornaro, Managing Director of the international news agency Raw-News.

Narratives of Digital Social Innovation at the Society of Geographical Studies

On the 9th of December I am presenting my work titled "Narrazioni dell’Innovazione Sociale Digitale a confronto. “Leggere per differenza” spazio e spazialità delle reti socio-tecnologiche nella città aumentata" at the Beyond Globalisation:Narratives/ Oltre la Globalizzazione: Narrazioni event organised by the italian Society of Geographical Studies (SSG) in Como (University of Insubria).

Exploring the emotional connection between society and the ocean

I have organised with Luisa Galgani (GEOMAR - Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel,, Ngozi Oguguah (Nigerian Institute For Oceanography and Marine Research), Ana Fernandez Carrera (Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemuende) and Allison Fong (Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research) a geo-oceanographic session focused on citizen participation and fostering transdisciplinary collaborations at the next ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting 2023, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, from 4–9 June 2023.  

“Do Digital Technologies Have Politics?” expected in June 2023

My chapter, written together with Fabio Iapaolo and Paolo Giaccaria, on "Do Digital Technologies Have Politics? Imaginaries, Practices and Socio-political Implications of Civic Blockchain” is expected to be out in June 2023. This is part of an intriguing book titled A Research Agenda for Digital Geographies, edited by Tess Osborne, Philip Jones Digital Geographies Research Agenda Book, published by Edward Elgar.

Digital Sustainability? A colloquium at EURegions University Week

I am presenting, together with our team at DIGGEO@ESOMAS an online discussion session at the 2022 #EURegionsWeekUniversity. The session is titled "Digital Sustainability? Potentialities and pitfalls of digitally-supported ecological transition in Europe” and is held on the 11th of October 2022, 2.30-4.00 pm - featuring Alberto Cottica, Igor Calzada and Jessica McLean.

Swap Party @Orto della SME

On the 4th of October 2022 at Orto della Sme, the Library of the School of Management and Economics - UniTo (BEM) is organising a swap party on the occasion of the World Gift Day.

Digital (Un)sustainabilities. Call for chapters

I just launched a call for chapters for a prospective collection of contributions on "Digital (Un)Sustainabilities. Promises, contradictions and pitfalls of digital societies". Please do get in contact in case you want to discuss your ideas and feel free to circulate the call in and outside of the geography field!

Innovation for Sustainability at IAS-STS in Graz

During my short visiting at the Institute for Advanced Studies - Science Technology and Society Unit, TU Graz, where I am a Fellow since October 2020, on the 18th of May 2022 I gave a seminar on "Digital Social Innovation (and where to find it)" and are having inspiring networking experience, thanks to the director prof. Gunter Getzinger, linking technological innovation and sustainability transition.

Seminar “Global patterns of business responsibility and government complicity in environmental rights-based socio-environmental conflicts”

The Responsible Management Research Center - REMARC, University of Pisa, is hosting the online seminar "Global patterns of business responsibility and government complicity in Environmental Rights-based Socio-Environmental Conflicts. A quali-quantitative analysis", by Chiara Certomà (ESOMAS, University of Turin) & Federico Martellozzo (DISEI, University of Florence). May 5, 2022, 14 CET. The presentation based on a paper by Chiara Certomà (ESOMAS, University of Turin) , Federico Martellozzo (DISEI, University of Florence), Stefania Benetti (University of Milan - Bicocca), Roberta Gemmiti (MEMOTEF, University of Rome “La Sapienza”)

Eleven essays against the forces of displacement in European cities

The European Cultural Foundation in collaboration with Krytyka Polityczna in Warsaw just issued a collection of brief essays titled "Our city, our home. Eleven essays against the forces of displacement in European cities", edited by Charlie Tims. Together with several inspiring contributions, this also includes my chapter on "Political Gardening. The rise of urban gardening is a way of contesting space"

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