Current projects

2018-present “Disuguaglianze ambientali – Disuguaglianze sociali” [Environmental inequalities- social inequalities], Legambiente Onlus Scientific Committee, Rome, Italy (role: research team member)

2018-present “Forum Disuguaglianza e Diversità” [Forum Disequality and Diversity], Action-Research Group #5 “Ridiamo ossigeno ai quartieri: come uscire dalla trappola in quattro periferie italiane”, Rome, Italy (role: Project Partner)

2017 – present  Cost Action CA 15212 “Citizen Science”

2017 – present “REMARC Responsible Management Research Center”, International Business and Human Rights Focus Area, University of Pisa, Italy (role: external collaborator)

2016-present “Art and Politics Program”, SSSUP, Pisa, Italy (role: research team member)

Concluded projects

2017-2019 “Urban Narratives: Co-creation of urban design briefs by citizens from data storytelling”, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand, Proof of Concept initiative, New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (role: Member of the Steering Committee)

2017-2019 “Citizen Science” Cost Action CA 15212, EU H2020 (role: Country member for Belgium)

2017-2019 “Crowdsourcing Urban Sustainability Governance. Exploring innovative governance models for addressing urban sustainability through ICT-people interaction”, Ghent University, Belgium, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action – EU H2020 (role: Principal Investigator)

2017 “Policies to improve rural areas innovation systems by professionalising networking activities and use of innovation tools (P-IRIS)”, SSSUP, Pisa, Italy (external assistance),  EU InterregEurope (role: research team member)

2016 “Giustel. Le diverse declinazioni del concetto di giustizia nelle procedure di pianificazione e autorizzazione delle infrastrutture elettriche”, SSSUP, Pisa and Ricerche sul Sistema Energetico s.p.a., Milano, Italy (role: research team member)

2016 “THUMCARI Usage touristiques du littoral mediterraneen, dynamiques sociales et industries a risques”, SSSUP, Pisa, Italy, Agence Nationale de la Recherche, France (role: team leader Italy)

2014-2016 “CSR&HR. Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights”, Dep. of Economics, University of Pisa, Italy (role: external collaborator)

2014- 2016 “People Friendly Cities in a Data Rich World”, Cost Action TU1204, EU-H2020 (role: Country member for Italy)

2014- 2016 “Urban Allotment Gardens in European Cities – Future, Challenges and Lessons Learned”, Cost Action TU1201,  EU-H2020 (role: member of the Management Committee for Belgium)

2014 Wine Experience. Social mapping wine tourism”, Great Wine Capital Network, Bordeaux, France (role: project leader)

2014 “Verso un’interpretazione inclusiva del concetto di Sicurezza Urbana. Analisi delle tendenze internazionali e del lavoro dell’Osservatorio per la Sicurezza Urbana della Provincia di Pisa”, SSSUP, Pisa, Italy and Province of Pisa (role: Project coordinator)

2014-2015 “Tuscany toward Expo 2015”, SSSUP, Pisa, Italy  and Tuscany Region (role: research team member)

2012 PRIN 2011 “Biopolitical governmentality: inclusion and happiness”, SSSUP, Pisa, Italian Minister of Research (role: research team member)

2010 “EJOLT – Environmental Justice Organizations, Liabilities and Trade”, Centro di documentazione sui Conflitti Ambientali, Roma, Italy, EU-FP/7 (role: external collaborator)

2009 PRIN 2008 “Questioning Universalism: concepts and values translation between West and East”, SSSUP, Pisa, Italian Minister of Research (role: research team member)