Events organisation and chairing

2021 Session organization and chairing “Piattaforme digitali, cibo e città” (with M. Lazzaroni), Conference Geografia e Cibo, Italian Geographical Society (SGI)

2021 Session organization and chairing “Social Innovation cha(lle)nging Digital Urban Governance”, Science, Technology and Society Conference Graz 2021, Graz University of Technology (online)

2020 Session organization and chairing “Dalla Geografia Digitale alle Geografie del Digitale: dove siamo arrivati?” (with A.Romano and P. Giaccaria), X Giornata di studio in Geografia Economico-Politica, Società di Studi Geografici, University of Florence (online)

2019 Jeffersonian aperitif organisation and chairing “Coltivare la città. Spazio pubblico, cittadinanza attiva e nuove ecologie urbane”, Hortus Urbis, Rome

2017 Session organization and chairing “The Politics of Urban Climate Futures: Increasing Agency and Contested Empowerment – Urban Governance Book Project” (with J. van der Heijden, H. Bulkeley), Lund Conferenceon Earth System Governance, Lund University

2017 Event organization “Bright Night of Researchers – Toscana 2017”, SSSUP, Pisa

2017 Session organization and chairing “Making Injustice visible: cross-disciplinary representational techniques and processes of Spatial&Environmental Injustice and Environmental Conflicts” (with F. Martellozzo), Royal Geographical Society with IBG Annual Conference, sponsored by Geographies of Justice Research Group, RGS London

2017 Double session organization and chairing “Giustizia spaziale, conflitti ambientali e loro rappresentazione” (with F. Martellozzo), XXIII Congresso geografico italiano, Associazione dei geografi italiani, Università Roma 3

2014 Meeting organization, coordination and chairing “Management Committee and Working groups Meeting”, COST Action TU1204 “People friendly city in a data rich world”, SSSUP (about  60 members participants)

2014 Ideation and coordination of the “Short-term Scientific Missions in Lucca” program, COST Action TU1204 “People friendly city in a data rich world” (5 international researchers participating, organization of 15 interviews with key actors in local planning processes)

2013 Session organization and chairing “Gardens as productive spaces: New perspectives from Europe, the United States, and Australasia”, European Society for Environmental History Conference, RCC-LMU, Munich

2010 Conference organization “Western Conceptual Vocabulary and Intercultural Translation”, SSSUP, Pisa

2010 Panel organization and chairing “Science, Politics and the Nature of Environmental Debate” (with Sébastien Nobert), Royal Geographical Society with IBG Conference, Imperial College of London

2010 Conference organization “The religions in the era of globalisation”, SSSUP, Pisa

2010 Conference organization and chairing “Caminar Preguntando. Ricerca partecipata e democrazia del movimenti”, ASud NGO, Tuscany Regional Administration

2010 Conference organization and chairing “El Camino de la Calabra”, ASud NGO, Municipality of Pisa

2009 Conference organization and chairing “Tutela dell’ambiente tra scienza e società”, SSSUP, Pisa

2005 Session organization and chairing “Guerra e Ambiente”, Peace Sciences Dep., University of Pisa, Pisa

2004 Conference organization and chairing “Capovolgere il debito. Per un’economia dei diritti”, A Sud NGO, Bologna (chair)

2003 Conference organization “In difesa della Pachamama. A seminar with Oscar Oliveira”, A Sud NGO, Rome

2003 Conference organization and chairing “Ripensare il dopo-sviluppo. A seminar with Serge Lathouce”, ASud NGO, Viterbo

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