Participatory tools for climate change adaptation planning – new article out!

The article “Climate Adaptation Plans, Participatory Processes and Socio-environmental Justice: A Critical Analysis of the Cases of Ancona, Bologna, and Rome” I wrote with Margherita Gori Nocentini is now out on a special issue of Geotema dedicated to map emerging environmental politics in Italy (available on this webpage).

Our article proposes a critical exploration of the link between urban climate change adaptation planning, participatory tools, and the achievement of socio-environmental justice goals. Through a case study analysis of adaptation planning in three Italian cities (Ancona, Bologna and Rome), and specifically of the participatory processes employed, we investigate if and how justice issues related to the unequal impacts of climate change in local communities have been addressed. Based on our results, we conclude that participation is indeed adopted in all cases as a key element of the planning process, there remain significant differences regarding the degree of involvement of local communities in planning, and in particular of the most vulnerable residents.

The full article is available here:

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