U.N. Ocean Decade Endorsement for our IGU conference session on the interaction between humans and the Ocean

The conference session we (me and Luisa Galgani, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel) are organising during the International Geographical Union Thematic Conference on “The Ocean and Seas in Geographical Thought”, titled “Territorialising the High Sea: Socio-cultural mapping the interaction between humans and the Ocean”, has had the honour to receive the U.N. Ocean Decade Endorsement by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission at UNESCO.

We are grateful for such an honour and for being part of a worldwide community of engaged research building “the science we need for the Ocean we want”!

Our call for contributions is now closed and we expect trilling presentations by Pamela Bucham (Exeter University), Ashraf Khamees (National research institute of astronomy and geophysics), Gabriella Palermo (University of Palermo), Paolo Giaccaria and Niccolo Fenu (University of Turin). The Italian Naval League skipper and independent video maker Federico Fornaro is also expected to present video documentary of his oceanic solo regatta.

You can follow our endorsed activity on the Ocean Decade website under the dedicated Events page, and on social media platforms:FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn.

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