Call for a research assistant position on DSI in European Cities

We are hiring a 1-year research assistant (1st Feb 2023-31 Jan 2024) to work with us in coordinating the networking, writing, and submitting a COST Action proposal on Digital Social Innovation in European Cities. 

The call is open to whatever disciplinary background and to whatever degree (minimum MA level), provided that the candidate is competent (or at least interested in acquiring competencies) in EU project writing.  A description of the tasks is below.

Candidates from both in and outside of the academic sector are welcome.

IMPORTANT: Competence on the proposal topic is an asset but not necessary as the selected candidate will be involved (and given the opportunity) to work on a wide and transdisciplinary range of topics (potential interests include those described in the blog There is no residency requirement.  

The selected candidate is expected to work on the proposal preparation with plenty of time for individual research and collaborative initiatives with the DIGGEO@ESOMAS  research group (see )at the University of Turin. 

The call is in Italian (available here , search for the call under the responsibility of Certomà in the final tab) but CV can be submitted in English, through the portal (follow the instruction). Should you have any doubts drop me an email. 

Do not hesitate to get in contact for further information or to discuss the position, and circulate widely, please!


University of Torino

1 year (1st of February 2023- 31st of January 2024) 

Preparation of a COST Action proposal on Digital Social Innovation in the European cities

The project aims to draft an EU COST Action proposal led by the University of Turin in collaboration with a research network (to be created and animated) of about 20 international universities. Specific tasks include:

  1. Creation and management of relations and the work of an international network of scholars including at least 15 different European and non-European countries;
  2. Planning and coordination of a collaborative and preliminary review of existing research and elaborating a geographical analytical framework of Digital Social Innovation initiatives in European cities, which will provide a solid and shared basis on which to build the project proposal (including review and critical analysis of international and gray academic literature on digital social innovation to describe its key characters; and systematic web mining to collect data on existing ISD initiatives classified according to to approach, topic and practices);
  3.  Ideation, discussion and drafting of a collaborative proposal for the EU COST Action project; 
  4. Logistic organization and management of preliminary international scientific meetings, training events and the writing process for the presentation of the EU COST Action proposal; 
  5. Possible participation in international research trips aimed at drafting the project proposal.

Required skills:

  • Expertise on the topics covered by the project to be developed: Social Innovation, Digital Social Innovation, Civic Technologies, Urban Studies Excellent; 
  • Excellent knowledge of the working language (English);
  • Experience in writing and project management at European and local level, in the context of research and / or social innovation projects; 
  • Experience in the operational coordination of interdisciplinary and international teams; Ability to develop and execute monitoring and evaluation plans for partnership projects; Willingness to work at the University of Turin (not required residency) and to international travel where necessary for the coordination of the activity; 
  • Holding a PhD is a preferential but not necessary

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