Climathon Belgrade 2021. Keynote on “Transformation of public spaces – from gray to green”

I’m giving a keynote speech today, the 27th of November 2021, at the Climathon Belgrade, titled “Transformation of public spaces – from gray to green. Community Support”, a part of the The Climathon is the biggest collective climate action taking place in over 145 cities in 55 countries on all continents.

The Belgrade Climathon focuses on the following challenges:

How can we transform public spaces and replace gray with greenery in an urban environment? How do experts, community, activists, (digital) crowdsourcing help us in this process? Why is green city infrastructure and ecosystem services important? How to choose the area for transformation and arrange it to be sustainable, tailored to the local community and to contribute to the fight against climate change? What are the key actors and how to activate the community to participate in a sustainable way in these and other processes of environmental protection and the fight against climate change? How can digital tools help us with this?

Find out more on Serbian)

I am giving a first (hopefully inspiring) speech “Why are you doing it? Critical action for sustainbility in an augmented world” on innovative forms of urban governance & planning, participatory processes and crowdsourcing for urban sustainability. Later on I’m discussing tips and ideas with participants in a brief intervention on “Leveraging on visionary ideas toward socially-just and sustainable transformation in the city”.

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Complete agenda of the climathon available for dowload here:

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