Urban Gardening @UniTo: a new EIT cross-KIC “New European Bauhaus” project

Together with Laura Corazza (PI), Luca Battisti and Federico Cuomo, we are running a new urban gardening project at the University of Turin. The project aims to create within the university community of the University of Turin a living lab experience through the creation of an urban community garden (container gardening techniques) co-created and co-designed by students and university staff of the areas surrounding one of the campuses of UniTo. The purpose of the experience is to bring the world of students, including international students who attend UniTo, to the importance of sustainable agriculture and the dynamics of food within the urban context. The placement of vegetable gardens in boxes to produce small fruits and vegetables for ready consumption contributes to the purpose of NEB to inspire, aspire, and involve the university-citizenry community.

The project has been funded by the EU via the “Cross-KIC New European Bauhaus Call for Regions/cities: capitalise on existing EIT Food consumer engagement projects” call.

On the 15th of October we are having the co-design meeting, envisaging the participation of more than 20 civic associations:

A brief project description is available (in italian) here:

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