“Digital Social Innovation. Spatial Imaginaries and Technological Resistances in Urban Governance” is now out!

My new book Digital Social Innovation. Spatial Imaginaries and Technological Resistances in Urban Governance is now out with Palgrave MacMillan.

As described in the publisher’s website, this book engages the reader in exploring the relationships between digital social innovation initiatives and the city. It delivers a fresh, accessible and case-based discussion on the emergence of digitally-enabled social innovation practices in Europe that are redesigning the urban space and challenging the consolidated urban governance processes.

By adopting a critical geography perspective, this ground-breaking analysis of digital social innovation provides the reader with an accessible overview of the way in which urban reproductive processes mobilise the physical and the virtual dimensions of the city and generate distinctive spatial configurations. Together with novel urban narratives and socio-technical imaginaries, these support the existing geometries of power or construct new ones.

I attempted at describing contemporary cities as the new battlegrounds for controlling the digital sphere, shaped by the interplay between digital capitalism and resistance movements. In light of grassroots initiatives advanced by cyber-activists, e-makers and hackers, the book unveils the socio-political and cultural underpinnings of the revolution produced by the digital social innovations in the city and the socio-technological regimes supporting them.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Roots and Rise of Digital Social Innovation
  3. Digital Social Innovation in the City: In Search of a Critical Perspective
  4. Representation: The Social Imaginaries of Digital Social Innovation
  5. Reproduction: Digital Social Innovation in Urban Governance
  6. Power: The Raise of Critical Digital Social Innovation

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