Where next for Digital Geographies? Pathways and prospects

The Royal Geographical Society with IBG Research Group on Digital Geographies is holding on the 14th of July 2021 a Digital Symposium which brings members of the digital geography community (and beyond!) together, with the title Where next for Digital Geographies? Pathways and prospects.

Symposium presentation:

“The digital has fundamentally transformed our lifeworlds. Our lives are increasingly dependent on and lived through digital worlds, not only shaping the everyday, but also how we conduct research and teaching. Across the globe, geographical interest in the digital has been growing and attracting a diverse range of scholars, from cultural geographers to GI Scientists. In recent years digital geography has matured as an area of activity with the founding of dedicated journals and research groups. Despite the increasing interest in the digital, however, there remains a risk that digital geographies is both all-encompassing and, perhaps, lacking in specificity. As this area of work matures, therefore, it is timely to reflect on its future research pathways and prospects. ‘Where next for Digital Geographies?’ thus forms the theme for 2021’s fifth DGRG Annual Symposium. Contributes relate to:

  • Power and the digital: power, politics and propaganda
  • Digital identities
  • The body and the digital
  • Methodological futures
  • Creativity and the digital
  • Robotics and AI
  • Digital ethics
  • Digital health
  • Regulation and governance.”

I am giving a presentation titled “A critical geography agenda for bringing back space and spatialities in
digital social innovation research” in the afternoon.

Registration of the event is available at the DGRG’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfw3yN5P7dduwDJ7z7KH5CA

[Image by DGRG’s twitter profile]

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