“Con gli occhi di Laura. Uno sguardo scomodo sul presente”

A new short contributes of mine on Laura Conti’s legacy has been published on SapereAmbiente and can be accessed here: “Con gli occhi di Laura. Uno sguardo scomodo sul presente”.

If today environmental issues are integral part of the public debate, and adopted as pillars of the European political agenda, we certainly owe this to women, like Laura Conti, that fought for the environmentalists’ claims to be taken seriously.

Drawing back my analysis of Conti’s seminal scientific and political work from Seveso accident, to scientific environmentalism, through marxism and ecosystem ecology (my book on Laura Conti is available here), I wonder if she would have criticised the implications of mainstream environmentalism, in which the most “uncomfortable” claims of environmental thought are normalized and become part of the international political agenda.

Environmental issues are complex and controversial and often called precise responsibilities. Technological progress can hardly avoid the effects of climate change, overpopulation and pressure on resources, the consequences of pollution on the health of living beings, and the impact of the massive movements of goods and people.

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