Postenvironmentalism. December sale at palgrave on Hardcover version

Selected hardcovers at Palgrave MacMillan on sale at a discount rate through Dec 31, 2020, including my Postenvironmentalism. A Material Semiotic Perspective on Living Spaces, 2016. To get your copy use the code BEST20PAL.

This book presents a vibrant study of the rise, decline, and transformation of environmental thinking. The author’s analysis moves from the proclaimed death of environmentalism toward the emerging theory and practices of postenvironmentalism in its manifold interpretations. Building upon current transformation of the relationship between science, technology, society and the environment, the book combines a theory-informed presentation of worldwide cases and crucial events in the history of environmentalism with a journey into scholarly explorations in order to answer the crucial question: where is environmental thinking heading?

Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • At the Edge of Environmental Thinking
  • Is This the End of Environmentalism, as We Know It?
  • Postenvironmentalism beyond Post-environmentalism
  • Materializing Postenvironmentalism in Living Spaces

Access the chapters here .

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