Environmental human rights. Conflits, rights, business

I have been invited by ASUD. Ecologia and Cooperazione NGO to give a lecture during the first level Master in Environmental Humanities held at the University La Sapienza, Rome (module on Environmental Conflicts and Climate Crisis).

Slide by Lucie Greyl, ASUD

The lecture is titled Diritti Umani Ambientali. Conflitti, diritti, imprese and is delivered on the 17th of October at 10 am. The lecture mobilise the basics of Environmental Human Rights, Political Ecology and Environmental Conflicts theory to present my (and some colleagues’) ongoing research revolving around the following question:

In consideration of the global governance framework described by Environmental Human Rights and related UN work, can we claim that business companies’ (including MNEs and NEs) involvement in environmental conflicts, disputes and controversies, in many cases (despite not all of the cases) is not just a matter of disagreement upon development trajectories (as suggested by most of business ethics literature), but rather a matter of  Environmental Human Rights (alleged) violations business companies can be liable of?

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