“A Critical Interpretation of the Quality of Place. Between Attractiveness and Post-rurality in Chianti”

Together with Massimo Battaglia and Marco Frey I contributed to the debate on development opportunities for rural areas by proposing the adoption of a post-rurality approach in the interpretation of local development paths and social relations, with this new article published in Archivio di Studi Urbani e Regionali.

The paper adopts a critical perspective and wonders whether the static conception of place identity should not be substituted better by a conception of identity “in commotion”, which can help towards a re-interpretation of place qualities, potentialities and development strategies. However, while taking the move from the Floridian theory on the role of creative class in urban development, the authors transfer this perspective on rural areas characterised by successful typical productions that work as drivers for local development, and deeply affect the evolution of the process linking place and people. The relatively recent transformation of rural areas, only apparently untouched by globalisation, urges us to review the idea of a frozen place authenticity into a place identity generated by the multiple encounters of diversities. The explorative path unset the notion of traditional rural places by adopting the post-rural perspective – budding from the post-structuralist theory – and suggests a deconstruction of the idea that the local production systems as is can ever act as the sole driver of local development. The analysis starts with the outline of the Floridian theory of local development and considers the opportunities to integrate this approach with the post-rural one. Subsequently, the authors complement the theoretical analysis with the description of recent trends in local development and experiential marketing in the Chianti Classico area.

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