Outreach activities


Download the final CROWD_USG project pack !

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  • Scenario Building of Crowdsourcing Urban Sustainbility Governance Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 17.01.37Download the TAVOLA_digitale


  • A booklet on policy recommendations and guide for action

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Download the high-resolution booklet completo


  • Sustainability, Technology and Participation. Interviews in Gent – CROWD_USG. A few minutes video-resume of the interviews conducted in Ghent to key-informants on using digital participation technologies and processes for urban sustainability governance.



  • Assemble, mobilise, impact! Gentenaars’way to (digital) social innovation, 25th Nov 2018, presentation at the Dag van de Wetenshp, MIAT, Gent



  • Results of the interviews about technology-aided participatory processes for sustainability

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download here the Progetto – Disegno 1_8





Students’ presentation on Ghent case downloadable here: Ghent Case (authors: Abe Hendriks, Petra Meelker, Matthieu Warnier, Violet Oloibiri, Catlin Lhoest)












Booklet Collaborative Urbanism Conference



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Scientific publications, reports and  documents

Research outputs are made publicly available via self-archiving (green open access) at Ghent University publication database and Chiara Certomà ResearchGate page.

  • Corsini, C.Certomà and M.Dyer (2018) “Participatory Energy: research, imaginaries and practices on people’ contribute to energy systems in the smart city”, Technological Forecasting and Social Change
  • Tornaghi C. and Certomà C. (eds) (2018) Urban Gardening as Politics, Routledge, London
  • Certomà C. and C. Tornaghi (2018) “Politics and the contested terrain of urban gardening in the neoliberal city” in C. Tornaghi and C.Certomà (forth.) “Urban Gardening as Politics”, Routledge, London
  • Certomà C. (2018) “A practice-based approach to political gardening. Materiality, performativity and post-environmentalism” in C. Tornaghi and C.Certomà (forth.) “Urban Gardening as Politics”, Routledge, London
  • C. Tornaghi and Certomà C. (2018) “Political gardening, equity and justice: a research agenda” in C. Tornaghi and C.Certomà (forth.) “Urban Gardening as Politics”, Routledge, London
  • Certomà and F. Martellozzo (forth.) “The spatial distribution of Urban Gardening and Spatial Injustice. In between social-economic and environmental determinants” in Atti del Congresso Geografico Italiano
  • Certomà and F. Martellozzo (eds.) (forth.) “Introduction” and editing of section “Giustizia spaziale, conflitti ambientali e loro rappresentazione” in Atti del Congresso Geografico Italiano
  • Frey and C.Certomà (2018) “Processi co-generativi di pianificazione e governance delle infrastrutture verdi. Il caso dell’ex-Snia Viscosa a Roma”, Urbanistica Informazioni vol.273-4, p.47
  • Muroni, I. Conti, D.Ducato, C.Certomà (2017) “La green society tra innovazione sociale e partecipazione” (collective interview), in V. Cogliati (ed.) Alla ricerca della Green Society, EdizioniAmbiente, Milano, 2017
  • Dyer, F.Corsini and C.Certomà (2017) “Making urban governance, planning and design a participatory goal. A collaborative urbanism agenda”, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Urban Design and Planning, 170 (4), available here
  •  EU Charter Collaborative Urbanism (2017), COST Action TU1204








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