Here is a list of references to official documents and scientific references.

Please contact us for any suggestions!

1. Official documents

2. Scientific references

2a. (Urban) Sustainability

2.b Participatory processes

2.c Digital cities

  • KAIKA, M., and SWYNGEDOUW, E., (2000). Fetishizing the modern city: the phantasmagoria of urban technological networks. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Issue 24(1), pages 120-138.
  • KITCHIN, R., (2011). The Programmable City. Environment and Planning B, Issue 38, pages 945-951.
  • GREENFIELD, A., (2013). Against the Smart City. Do Projects, New York.
  • SÖDESTRÖM O., et al., (2014). Smart cities as corporate storytelling. City, Issue 18/3, pages 307-320.
  • AGYEMANM, J., (2015). Sharing Cities: a case for truly smart and sustainable cities. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.
  • CERTOMÀ, C., DYER, M., POCATILU, L., RIZZI, F., (eds.), (2017). Citizen Empowerment and Innovation in the Data-Rich City. Springer

2b. ICTs and Crowdsourcing for governance

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 6.21.16 PMTrends in crowdsourcing research (Certomà, Corsini, Rizzi, 2015)

2c. Digital Social Innovation

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 16.18.30

Relationship between social innovation and crowdsourcing (Certomà, own elaboration)

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